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Jiangnan Yifan Motor is located in Wuxi, the Pearl of Taihu Lake. The company was founded in 1993. It has been listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in July 2021 (stock code: 301023). The company is a widely influential micro gear motor research and development, manufacturing and listed enterprise. It has formed permanent magnet DC motors, universal motors, brushless motors, three-phase asynchronous motors, single-phase capacitor motors, gearboxes, etc. Product-oriented, with comprehensive business capabilities in the design and manufacturing of supporting drives and controllers.

The company's products are widely used in solar photovoltaic rotary drive sun tracking systems, solar cleaning robots, transmission and distribution circuit breaker switches, RVs, conveyors, sorters, gate barriers, new energy vehicles, transportation and other industrial fields.

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Suppliers of micro gear motors can usually provide customers with the following services

Strategic cooperation

Provide long-term customers with price concessions, inventory priority and other services. Exploring new market needs and R&D new products.

Product consultation and customized solutions

Recommend suitable micro gear motors according to customer needs.

Customized geared motor solutions for special applications.

Fast delivery

Ensure sufficient inventory and achieve fast delivery.

Provide emergency order processing services.

Comprehensive quality assurance

We provide customers with product quality assurance services through strict performance testing and excellent process management.

After-sales service

Warranty service is provided for a limited period.

Parts replacement and repair services.


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